Harley-Davidson and MDA

A Rich History of Chrome, Campers and Compassion

Back in 1980, all it took for Harley-Davidson to form a rich and lasting relationship with MDA was a suggestion.

The company approached MDA with an idea for a fundraising program it called “Bikers Fight MD.” That same year, at the MDA Labor Day Telethon, Harley-Davidson presented what would be the first of many wonderful contributions in the fight against neuromuscular diseases: a check for $185,000.

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Since that auspicious date nearly three decades ago, Harley-Davidson’s magnificent family of dealers, customers, employees, suppliers and H.O.G. chapters have raised more than $84.2 million for kids and adults living with muscular dystrophy and related muscle diseases. MDA and Harley-Davidson News Article Get Adobe Reader

MDA and Harley-Davidson News Article Get Adobe Reader

Every year, Harley-Davidson riders volunteer their time to visit nearly 80 MDA summer camps held for thousands of kids affected by muscle disease across the country. The riders host barbecues, give sidecar rides, provide temporary tattoos and let the admiring youngsters sit on their motorcycles. These riders help make what is already called the “best week of the year” a truly unforgettable experience for kids with muscular dystrophy.

Today, what began as a charitable idea has become something much more personal — a matter of the heart and soul. Harley-Davison riders know there’s no greater high, no richer reward than the feeling they get from making a child happy — and giving that child hope for the future.